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Since 1917, Better Packages' exceptional products and service have made us the world's leading manufacturer of water-activated tape (WAT) dispensers and carton-sealing systems. With millions of WAT dispensers and carton sealers sold and expertly serviced by a global certified distributor network, the Better Packages name has become synonymous with unmatched innovation, design, quality and reliability.


IRS, Inc.


Since 1982 Industrial Repair Services, Inc has been servicing all brands of tape machines. We have been a Better Packages distributor since 2002. We decided that if we were going to sell new machines, we were going to sell the best.


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Quality and Warranty


Manufactured in Shelton, CT, our Better Pack® dispensers incorporate safety features you won't find in any other manual or electronic dispenser. Our electronic models are built to meet or exceed UL, CE and CSA regulatory requirements for electronic and operational safety. We offer the best warranty in the industry.



Other Local Distributors


If you live outside our three state distributing area, you can locate your local distributor by clicking here and going to Better Packages’ home page.


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