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BP 900e



Better Packages, Inc. has introduced the world's most versatile Bag Making System. It is a unique table-top machine that will create plastic bags On-Demand. This state-of-the-art system will dispense, cut and seal poly bags instantly. You can now produce bags in the size and quantities you want with a press of a button and save up to 40 - 60% versus most pre-made bags. The Better Bagger gives you a combination of flexibility and savings unlike any other machine in the industry.  

BP Poly-Tubing


With the introduction of the Better Bagger 900e, Better Packages will also supply poly tubing on a roll. Our high quality BP poly-tubing made in the USA is available in a number of sizes, thicknesses, styles and lengths. We inventory most items and will special order any unique needs you may have  

BP Metallic Static

Shield Tubing


Better Packages, Inc. recognized the need for Metallic Static Shield tubing on a roll and is currently the only company in the U.S. known to offer this product. This type of package protection is especially critical to protect electronics, switchboard apparatus, PC boards, transistors and other sensitive components from damage.  

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