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The Better Packages CodeTaper attachment automatically imprints your custom message or code on tape as it is dispensed. When used with one of the Better Pack 555e family Electronic Tape Dispensers, this in-line printing process improves productivity, provides a low cost method to identify and code cartons as they're sealed and helps to discourage in-transit pilferage. Ask about Better Packages ink to compliment you CodeTaper  



Attach to the Better Pack 555e and dispense tape with a touch of the foot to allow both hands for carton sealing. Single and dual models are available.


The Better Packages TA-2000 Tape Aerial is a valuable accessory attachment to the Better PackŪ 555e series of Electronic Tape Dispensers that delivers and holds a straight length of moistened tape for instant trouble-free application. The TA-2000 simply clips into a "V" shape so that it is self-supporting, much easier to apply to the carton which assures accurate alignment and equal tape coverage on package flaps for optimum sealing strength.  

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