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Simply put, plastic pressure-sensitive tape (PST) can't stand up to the pressure like BetterSeal Secure Tape. BetterSeal Secure Tape is a water-activated, paper tape (WAT) that will save you money in material and help protect you from liability issues down the line. Whether you're looking for a seal that's tamper-evident, strong or secure, there's a BetterSeal Secure Tape to meet your packaging needs.  


Better Packages E-Z Pull TabŪ Tape is a unique water activated tape with a patented tear strip that allows for easy opening of any carton while giving you a secure and tamper evident seal. No longer is it necessary to open a carton with a knife or other tool and take the chance of injuring yourself or damaging the contents. The BP E-Z Pull TabŪ Tape, available for case sealing applications, allows for easy opening while protecting the contents at the same time.  

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