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The rugged and reliable Better Pack 500 offers simple, one-touch dispensing of reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape. Durable construction, built-in safety features and fast tape dispensing make the Better Pack 500 the perfect choice in demanding work environments with medium- to high-volume packaging needs.  




Increase Productivity and Optimize Ergonomics

If you're currently using handheld tape guns to apply plastic pressure-sensitive tape to your cartons, you should know that Better Pack 555e Series dispensers can help improve the productivity and ergonomics at your packaging workstations.





This flexible electronic machine packs many of the benefits of an automatic carton sealing system into a benchtop dispenser. Great for production line packaging.

The BP 754 moistens, measures, dispenses, and cuts either reinforced or non reinforced tape in lengths up to 100 inches. Its unique, three-position selector control provides operators with the flexibility to choose manual operation, auto-repeat or the traditional 1-2-2 tape dispensing "H" pattern






Better Packages' first electronic tape dispenser. State-of-the-art electronic push button controls give the operator 20 color-coded preset choices of length from 6" to 75" (15-190 cm), plus a random button for an infinite choice of lengths. Wide 2-brush moistening system and adjustable top heater ensures a superior bond.  

BP Sealmaster 3000 CS



The BP Sealmaster 3000 CS is designed to incorporate automation with reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape for a strong, secure seal. Maximized productivity and enhanced carton security is delivered by this inline, semi-automatic case sealer when sealing fixed sized cartons. Built to adapt and perform in high-volume packaging environments, the BP Sealmaster 3000 CS is manually fed to simultaneously seal the top and/or bottom of the carton optimizing your output.


BP Sealmaster 3000 AFF


The BP Sealmaster 3000 AFF incorporates high-end automation along with the strong, secure seal of water-activated tape. Productivity and efficiency are increased with the Automatic Flap Folder feature. This fully integrated inline, semi-automatic case sealer eliminates the manual carton fold and feed process and can be incorporated into the conveyor system. Engineered to adapt and enhance the carton sealing process in high-volume packaging facilities using fixed sized cartons.  

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