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Superior to all other "pull-and-tear" dispensers for non reinforced water activated paper tapes. Unique "subway feed" provides uniform tension to aid in tape moistening and ease of operation.  



Lever operated and rugged, this automatic tape dispenser features modern, sleek styling. Ideal for retail packaging and wrapping, small mail rooms and food service applications.





The Tape Shooter 150 is the heaviest duty manual tape dispenser available anywhere. Its rugged, all steel construction allows it to be used continuously, day-in, day-out and in environments where lesser machines would break down and stop functioning






Most popular manual water activated tape dispenser in the world! Rugged steel side frames ensure long life. Hardened guillotine cutting blades eliminate tearing action found on competitive models. Water brush system ensures uniform wetting. Easy pull handle dispenses up to 30" (76cm); repeat strokes provide longer lengths. For nonreinforced or reinforced tape 1-1/2 to 3" (4-7cm) wide. Also available with an optional top heater that warms the water to activate the tape's adhesives, thereby optimizing the tape's integrity and bonding properties.  





Our revolutionary, patented, three-way reinforced water activated tape stays closed and secure where you clearly tamper evident...yet opens with convenience for your customer.  

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